SXSW Day 5 (the end)-Vampire Weekend Video (Update)

The SWB staff got to see Vampire Weekend tonight to close out our week at SXSW. Here are two videos that we shot. They are still being uploaded to but should be streaming soon. Haim played before them, and we will have pictures and video up within the next 2 days. Vampire Weekend was great, and it was the perfect ending to a very fun, and physically challenging SXSW.

Both of these songs are from the upcoming album Modern Vampires of the City which will come out May 7th. Update, Vampire Weekend has posted up an official video for “Diane Young” it is streaming below.

The new song: “Diane Young”

Here is another new song “Yah Hey”

(added) Official Video of “Diane Young”

Pictures of Vampire Weekend and more to come in the next 24-48 hours. There will be tons of videos and pictures.