Concert Review: Iceage in Dallas 5/26/18


Here is a review from the Iceage show at Club Dada in Dallas.

Our review format: The format is a straight forward expression of 5 separate thoughts. The best comparison would be to 5 text messages about a concert or album from your friend to you. Some messages may be only one or two words, some may be run-on sentences, and some may be paragraphs. We do promise not to ramble on and drift off topic like a text from your favorite grandparent.

RIYL: Old Artic Monkeys, LIFE, The Clash
Pseudo Genre: Punky Post Punk

1. No other type of show is quite as much fun as a lively punk show. Moshing and dancing and sweating without a care in the world, makes for a great evening.
2. Iceage has grown and matured as a band, and with a charismatic lead singer, are ready to take the next wherever that entails.
3. Iceage utilized a violin player to provide fullness to their sound, which had been provided primary by horns on their albums. We learned that a well mic’d up violin sounds great at a punk show and fills in nicely for horns.
4. A stuffed monkey doesn’t seem completely out of place in a mosh pit. ”
5. With their well paced set list and tight performance, Iceage did not require stage banter to build a bond with the crowd. The energy given was the same as the energy received.

Below is a video of "Painkiller" live from the show.


Concert Review: TDE Championship Tour AKA Kendrick's Victory Lap

The TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment) Championship Tour came to Dallas tonight.

Our review format: The format is a straight forward expression of 5 separate thoughts. The best comparison would be to 5 text messages about a concert or album from your friend to you. Some messages may be only one or two words, some may be run-on sentences, and some may be paragraphs. We do promise not to ramble on and drift off topic like a text from your favorite grandparent.

Kendrick Lamar
RIYL: Pulitzer Prize Winners
Pseudo Genre: G.O.A.T.

1. It would be easy to make sports analogies, especially since Kendrick performed in front of a Formula 1 race car. Despite that, we will not say that this performance was a victory lap for Kendrick.
2. Almost the entire TDE roster performed, but all the attention was on Kendrick Lamar and SZA with a lesser spotlight on Schoolboy Q and Jay Rock.
3. Pulitzer Kenny, AKA Kendrick Lamar, performed without a pause and without an encore.
4. The crowd energy of a Kendrick performance is simply, unmatched 5. Kendrick and TDE draw a racial diverse crowd, but very few fans were over 30 years of age.

Here is a video we shot along with a few pictures.

Pulitzer Kenny.JPG
Kendrick Lamar

Concert Review: 4/22/18 The Breeders in Dallas

Here is a much delayed review from The Breeders show in Dallas on 4/22/18.

Our review format: The format is a straight forward expression of 5 separate thoughts. The best comparison would be to 5 text messages about a concert or album from your friend to you. Some messages may be only one or two words, some may be run-on sentences, and some may be paragraphs. We do promise not to ramble on and drift off topic like a text from your favorite grandparent.

The Breeders
RIYL: The Pixies, Pavement, Sleater-Kinney
Pseudo Genre: Pre-Seattle (NorthEast) Grunge

1. Kim Deal is a perfectionist, in all the right ways. The Breeders performance is tight and yet very entertaining.
2. Having the original line up together made this tour more special than the previous.
3. Josephine Wiggs, the bassist, has a dry sense of humor and excellent comedic timing.
4. A crowd with the average age in the 40s is much more polite and a lot less energetic than a crowd with an average age in the 20s.
5. We hope that this line up puts out another album, because the new stuff is as good as any of the old.

We shot a couple of videos and some pictures (one from SXSW).

Kim Deal SXSW

Concert Review: Matt & Kim

 Matt & Kim performed on 4/14/18 at the Bomb Factory in Dallas.  Please check out the video and photos below.

 Our review format  is a straight forward expression of 5 separate thoughts with a bit of style and formatting borrowed from the old Larry King USA Today articles. The best comparison would be to 5 text messages about a concert or album from your friend. Some messages may be only one or two words, some may be runon sentences, and some may be paragraphs. We do promise not to ramble on and drift off topic like a text from your favorite grandparent.

The enthusiasm expressed by Matt & Kim is more contagious than the flu on a TransAtlantic flight...Their shows are not about artistry and creative integrity. Their shows are about creating the most enjoyable and unadulterated fun performance possible...Matt & Kim get your body moving and your booty shaking. In fact, we both hit our daily exercise goals from our dancing at the concert...Crowd surfing, balloons, and confetti...A smile that lasts for days.


Concert Review: King Krule

King Krule played with Kelsey Lu as the opening act at Granada Theater in Dallas 4/11/18. 

Kelsey Lu warmed up the crowd with a stream of consciousness set of beautiful music and vocals...The Granada Theater was muggy and warm, as if they did not expect as large a crowd as was present...King Krule performed with a full band creating a room filling sound that often seemed like it might burst out of the theater...With a muddled mix of sound vocals and even lead guitar were often lost in the bass and drums...Alternating between crooners and screamers, Archy kept the crowd enraptured throughout the night. 


Here is a picture of Kelsey Lu.

Kelsey Lu.jpg

Here are a few pictures of Archy Marshall (King Krule)

King Krule.jpg
King Krule 2.jpg
King Krule 3.jpg

Here is a video of "The Locomotive".

Saturday of SXSW in Words and Pictures

This is a summary of the last day of SXSW 2018. At this point in time you are nearing the end of the marathon that is SXSW. There have been times of sprinting, drinking, eating, but mostly music listening for 6 straight days. It starts to dawn on you that you will soon be re-entering a world where there is not dozens of music showcases to chose from at almost any moment of day or night. Back in the real world, music is not as important, people are not as courteous, and free alcohol and food are much harder to come by. 

We started our Saturday at the Convention Center's Flat Stock stage to see the golden voiced Italian,  Fabrizio Cammarata. Though seeing him in a small club would have been more appropriate to his voice and lyrics, the show was a great start to our day.  

Fabrizio Cammarata.JPG
Fabrizio Cammarata_1.JPG


We then headed to Cheer Up Charlies for the Brooklyn Vegan day party. 

Prior to SXSW G. Flip had only performed as a backing drummer for other artists. By the end of SXSW she had performed her first 8 shows as THE performer and was perhaps the most buzzed about new artist at SXSW. She sang, rapped, and drummed her way through a highly energetic set that raised our expectations for her bright future. 

G Flip.JPG

Outside, at the same party, Andrew WK brought the rock, the positivity, and the PARTY. Andrew WK is a part time motivational speaker, part time rock musician, and full time partier. There is no person that lives to party more than the incomparable Andrew WK. If you get a chance, see his live show. It will make you smile and dance and sing. 


Andrew WK.JPG


We headed down to the Showtime party and visited "The Alibi " where Kev and V from the show were pouring drinks. We got to see Tank and the Bangas and Shamir again. We also saw WAVVS perform. 

After dinner we headed back to the British Music Embassy one last time. This time it was to see IDER. Their tight harmonies and arrangements were mesmerizing. Their recorded music does not do justice to their live show. 

You can hear a great example of their harmonies in a video we posted on YouTube:




After IDER we headed to the Parish to end our night and our SXSW. There we saw Tiny Ruins, Xyloris White and Ezra Furman. 


Tiny Ruins.JPG


Ezra's performance was a great way to end SXSW. It was truly a highlight with some great music, singing, and introspection by Ezra. We came away impressed. 

Ezra Furman_1.JPG
Ezra Furman_2.JPG
Ezra Furman.JPG


We will continue to bring insights, discoveries, and images from SXSW in the coming weeks, but we will be transitioning to what we plan to be our routine postings with album reviews, music news, live show reviews, and lots of videos and music for you to check out. 

Friday Day SXSW Recap in words and a few pictures

Friday was a pretty chill for us during the day. We checked hit the SX Southbites trailer parker and then headed to Rainey Street.  We got a few decent pics. 

We saw Ron Gallo at the Doc Martens day party. 

Ron Gallo.JPG
Ron Gallo Guitar.JPG


We also hit the Chi day party and saw Joey Purp. 

Joey Purp.JPG

After Joey, we headed off to Parkside for our traditional SXSW Parkside meal. 

Our next post will go through our Saturday shows and then we will post a few reviews of SXSW shows, artists, and events prior to returning to our traditional coverage of music discovery. 


Friday Night SXSW in Words and Pictures

Friday we had a dinner at one of our favorite Austin restaurants, and also a SWB SXSW tradition, Parkside. This is an unsolicited plug, but we do love the place. It has great Pescatarian, Vegetarian and Vegan fare. The wine and drinks are great also. 

After dinner we headed out to see some shows. 

On our way to Rainey street we ran into a glowing Owl. 




We then dashed into The Clive Bar for a Chi sponsored showcase of Chicago artists. The first of which was the masked and very entertaining Leikeli47. She is an excellent MC and even had a very entertaining dancer join her on stage. She is an appreciative artist, and the first performer I have ever had come up to me after the show and ask to hug me. I do not thick a single audience member left that show without a positive memory of Leikeli47.



Next was one of our favorite discoveries from SXSW 2017, Kweku Collins. He is a Chicago based rapper that uses earnest and positive lyrics to get his messages across. Be sure to check out his first big hit "Stupid Rose"

We then headed over to the M&M house to see Billie Eilish sing, rap, and dance to the delight of the packed in crowd. 



Our night was topped off by seeing Sylvan Esso for our 3rd consecutive SXSW. The shows are always fun, and we do not mind them becoming a SXSW staple for the SWB crew. As many performers at SXSW, Sylvan Esso appear to be having as much fun as the crowd. It was another satisfying night that ended with a Durham, NC performer.

Thursday Night at SXSW recap in Pictures and Words

After our time at the convention center we had dinner at a party hosted by some lovely Canadians. After some wine and authentic Italian pizza, we headed across the street to the British Music Embassy for a showcase hosted by BBC 6. The night was certainly, to borrow a phase from the host country, our cup of tea. 

The night started with Nilufer Yanya. We were excited to see an artist that we had featured on a couple of our Friday playlists, and she did not disappoint. There are two videos in our SXSW playlist, and I will embed one below, because hearing is believing. 


nilufer yanya
Nilufer Yanya 2

Nilüfer performed  "the Florist"  during the BBC 6 showcase at SXSW. 


The next band we saw was, LIFE, our favorite SXSW discovery. We have already said quite a bit about the band in previous posts. Also, we plan to have have a recap of their two shows in a separate post. Therefore, I will not say much here, but share some photos from another great show. 

LIFE shades.JPG


Following LIFE was the energetic and amazingly fun, Shopping. Perhaps the only band that we saw that was having as much fun as the audience. 


After Shopping we Brexitted and left the BBC 6 showcase to see one of our Hip Hop discoveries, G. Yamazawa. We captured some video, along with our photos. Ending the night with a Durham, NC performer was so great that we repeated it on Friday Night, seeing Sylvan Esso. 

G Yamazawa

Prior to the song he retold the story of how he learned that in Korean culture "Have you eaten?" is most similar to the American phrase "Hi, how are you?" He described how, upon learning this fact, his relationship and interactions with his parents and grandparents was immediately changed.  His performance was not only entertaining, it was  uplifting and enlightening.

Here is a video of G. Yamazawa performing "Dinning Room" at SXSW 2018. 

Thursday Daytime at SXSW recap in pictures and words

We started our Thursday off with some shows at the convention center. The rooms are a bit sterile, but the sound is great, and the audience is always respectful of the performers. It is not uncommon to try to listen to a performer at one of the SXSW venues only to have so much crowd chatter and bar or kitchen related noise that the show is essentially, ruined. 

The first band we saw was Mt. Joy, and the great sound provided the perfect environment to listen to Matt Quinn's beautiful voice. The intricate arrangements could also be appreciated and well heard. 


 Here is a picture of Matt Quinn

Here is a picture of Matt Quinn

 Here you have a better idea of the Radio Day Stage set up. 

Here you have a better idea of the Radio Day Stage set up. 


There is a small stage on the convention floor surrounded by merchants selling posters, shoes, perfume, jewelry, and just about anything else you can imagine. In a curtained off area, the Flatstock Stage resides. Here we were able to see and hear Liz Brasher and her powerful voice and guitar playing. 

Liz Brasher
Liz Brasher Guitar


We returned to the Radio Day Stage to see clean version of Frank Turner's act. His dry humor and British wit, quickly won over the crowd. There were multiple sing-a-longs and no one wanted the performance to end. Despite lacking a full backing band, he was able to rock the convention center.

Frank Turner


The last performer we saw during the day was Gordi. She utilizes an autotune, and picks right up where Bon Iver's last album left off. 


Our Thursday Daytime Takeaways were:

1. Mt. Joy needs to feature vocalist Matt Quinn the way Radiohead and learned to feature Thom Yorke. 

2. Liz Brasher has a voice and guitar chops to really go somewhere big, and it was treat to see her on such a small stage. 

3. Frank Turner is a fun performer with poignant lyrics and a great stage presence. Go see him, if you have the chance. 

4. Jamie does not like Autotune whether a woman uses it or Frank Ocean or Bon Iver. 


SXSW Wednesday Pictures and recap

We began our Wednesday at the Convention Center listening to Only Girl from London on the International Day Stage. The environment may be a bit sterile, but her vocal performance was emotional and beautiful. 

Only Girl.JPG



Sudan Archives, is comprised of a solo female act that utilizes violins with guitars and loops to create a full band sound. Despite being From Las Angeles, she creates songs utilizing elements of traditional Sudanese music. 

Sudan Archives.JPG



We took a break from watching performances and listened to Kim Deal and Steve Albini discuss Kim's time in The Pixies and The Breeders. They spoke to fellow recording artists, technicians, producers and fans. There is a level of comfort during these type of conversation/sessions at SXSW that are not replicated in other interviews.  Kim is still creating some great music with The Breeders. Be sure to check out their newly release album, 

kim deal weds.JPG
kim deal 2 weds.JPG


Wednesday night we went to the annual NPR showcase at Stubbs. Though there were no free bag this year, NPR did continue the tradition of putting together an eclectic and rewarding line up. 

The night began with the beautiful voice and lovely instrumentation of Lucy Dacus. 

lucy Dacus.JPG


There were many acts on the small stage, but most we were not able to see. The next act on the big stage was a band that was united and formed via the internet, Superorganism. Despite their unusual origins, they put together are a great live performance. 

Superorganism 2.JPG
Superorganism 3.JPG



The tempo of the show changed considerably with indie rock veterans, Low. 




Okkervil River used their connection with Texas to help connect with the band. The set was filled primarily with newer, personal songs from their upcoming album.  They also hit some crowd favorites from their previous albums. 


2017 NPR Tiny Desktop winners, Tank and the Bangas, brought New Orleans funk and flare to the stage. 

    Following Tank and the Bangas we ducked inside for a quick, and quite dark set by WebsterX.    


Following Tank and the Bangas we ducked inside for a quick, and quite dark set by WebsterX. 





The night ended with a performance by August Greene, the newly formed super group of Common, Robert Glasper, and Karriem Riggins. Common was an impressive stage presence and had the crowd, including the camera pit, enthralled. 




Our Wednesday takeaways and recommended listening are:

1. If you like vocal pop, do yourself a favor and be ahead of the curve and listen to Only Girl now. Your friends and family will be listening to her by next year. 

2. If you like melodic vocals and music, Lucy Dacus is definitely your cup of tea. 

3. Expect big things out of Superorganism as they grow together as a band. 

4. Okkervile River has a very personal album coming out that touches on everything from having a tracheostomy to life in general. 

5. If you can, see Tank and the Bangas live. 

6. Common is still a powerful force in music.