Album Review of Iceage- Beyondless

Here is a review of our current favorite album, Beyondless by Iceage.

Our review format: The format is a straight forward expression of 5 separate thoughts. The best comparison would be to 5 text messages about a concert or album from your friend to you. Some messages may be only one or two words, some may be run-on sentences, and some may be paragraphs. We do promise not to ramble on and drift off topic like a text from your favorite grandparent.

RIYL: Old Artic Monkeys, LIFE, The Clash
Pseudo Genre: Punky Post Punk

1. It’s like Morrissey, King Krule and The Clash had a love child.
2. Ten years on, this Danish punk band is continuing to evolve and grow, which is not surprising given that none of the band is even 27 years old.
3. Iceage brings in pop stylings, utilizing horns and Sky Ferreira’s backing vocals on “Pain Killer”. Iceage does NOT make pop punk. Think The Birthday Party or The Clash not Green Day or Blink-182
4. Some of our favorite lyrics: from “The Day the Music Dies”: “Performed an exorcism on myself, Cited prayers and rites of deliverance, Yet here I am, somehow still possessed”
From “Thieves like Us”: “In echo chambers of fermented ethanol, Listen to reason as I voice my speculations, With the brains of a blowup doll”
and From “Pain Killer”: "Most when it's almost like a bane, You arrive like a siren refrain, Like death she takes everything, And dazes me like patent medicine”
5. This is another great album from a band that continues to experiment and grow with each album.

Here are some videos of songs from the album.