2/2/18 Playlist

Welcome to our first Friday playlist. Each Friday we will post a list of songs at around noon, just in time for you to enjoy all weekend. These will be songs of the moment, or songs related to things in the world, etc.

Our first playlist starts with O' Canada as our neighbors to the North are making their anthem gender neutral.

Franz Ferdinand is a Scottish dance rock band that returns with their first proper album in almost 5 years. Their latest is sure to get your toes tapping.

Ezra Furman's music and and attitude on life are strongly influenced by another great Jewish Indie music Icon, Lou Reed. You can reed about him in his own words here. He returns with a brilliant new album which includes "Love You So Bad"

Nils Frahm is a composer, Pianist, and multi-instrumentalist know for his eccentricities. When he had a broken thumb he composed 9 songs intended to be played on the piano with only 9 fingers. This is a track from his latest album.

Field Music is an English Pop/Rock band that have a new album coming out today. “Share a Pillow” is one of the tracks.

Maxwell Young is a musician from New Zealand that we are expecting some big things from. You can hear one of his latest tracks “Bianca”

Shame is a post-punk band from England. They recently released their debut album Songs of Praise which includes the track “Concrete”.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra is another New Zealand band that are known for their blissful and energetic songs. They have a new album coming out later this year. This first song released, “American Guilt”, is a departure from their previous sound with a decidedly harder edge.

Yung Bae put out an interesting remix of Kendrick Lamar's DNA which is currently one of the most blogged about tracks on the interwebs.

Lastly, No Age are a heavy rock/Punk band from LA. Last week they put out another excellent record. Send me is an enjoyable music video with a story of its own.