Sammus News


Sammus, one of our SXSW 2018 recommended artists has been busy lately. She is embarking on a tour (see dates below) while dropping new music and even working on a video game score. Her Hip Hop is provocative and is delivered with a smooth flow over well developed beats. She is a perfect point of entry for anyone that is “not into rap music”.  I could go on a two page diatribe by why you, and everyone else, should be “into” Hip-Hop, but I will save that for the opinion page. Suffice to say, “not being into” rap music today is equivalent to “not being into” Shakespeare 400 years ago or TS Elliot 100 years ago. Nothing is for everyone, but there are times and ways to use language that are unique and important. Right here, right now, is that time for Hip-Hop in America and the world. 

 Here is a link to some further Sammus news and her tour dates are below  

~with mega ran // *with yaya bey

2.17    Hull, UK—O'Rileys—Tix + RSVP~
2.18    Nottingham, UK—The Nat'l Video Game Arcade—Tix + RSVP~
2.19    Preston, UK—Ships and Giggles—RSVP~
2.20    Manchester, UK—Night People—Tix + RSVP~
2.21    Stoke, UK—Pilgrims Pit—Tix + RSVP~
2.22    London, UK—Amersham Arms—Tix + RSVP~
2.23    Skelmersdale, UK—E Rooms—Tix + RSVP~
2.24    Lancaster, UK—The Bobbin'—RSVP~
2.25    Glasgow, UK—Nice n Sleazy—Tix + RSVP~
2.26    Paris, FR—La Péniche Antipod—Tix~
3.2      Minneapolis, MN—Cafe Southside—Tix + RSVP*
3.3      Chicago, IL—Hideout Inn—Tix + RSVP*
3.4      Cleveland, OH—Now That’s Class—Tix + RSVP*
3.8      North Adams, MA—66 Main Street | Tix + RSVP
3.13 – 3.17 @ SXSW in Austin, TX 
3.22    Tulsa, OK—Soundpony—RSVP~
3.23    Kansas City, MO—Pilot Room—Tix~
3.24    Columbia, SC—Nashicon—Tix + RSVP~
3.25    Greensboro, NC—Geeksboro Coffee & Beverage Co—Tix~
3.26    Baltimore, MD—Ottobar—Tix + RSVP~
3.27    Philadelphia, PA—PhilaMOCA—Tix + RSVP~
3.28    Somerville, MA—ONCE Lounge—Tix + RSVP~
3.29    Watertown, NY—Flashback Lounge—Tix + RSVP~
3.30    New York, NY—Babycastles—Tix + RSVP~
4.8      Binghamton, NY—Ladyfest @ CyberCafe West—RSVP
4.27 – 4.29 @ Universal FanCon in Baltimore, MD—RSVP
6.8      Peterborough, NH—The Thing in the Spring—Tix+ RSVP