Another new Titus Andronicus Song/Video "Above the Bodega (Local Business)"

Titus Andronicus are soon to release their 5th full length album, A Productive Cough.  All accounts and evidence point to band leader Patrick Stickles continuing to create personal stories and songs. Almost every Titus Andronicus album has an overreaching theme and NYC life is the center of A Productive Cough.

 Today, Titus Andronicus shared the second single from the album, "Above the Bodega (Local Business)".This track is varies significantly in both tone and composition from the recently released first single "Number One (In New York)".  "Number One" conveys anxiety and and the chorus does not appear until the very end of the song.  Conversely, "Above the Bodega" has an upbeat tone with the song structure centered around its chorus. This song is definitely worth a listen, and Stickles personalizes the video with some banter at beginning and then end of the video.