Our SXSW Rankings

We have rated about 650 of the bands that will be at SXSW our lists are compiled in downloadable PDF and Excel files. Here is a link



The stars or numbers are our ratings and the ratings are 1-5.  

1 is a band to avoid,

2 is a band that might be worth seeing if you are there, but is not worth seeking out. 

3 Is a band you should try to see and will add to any show they are at.

4 is a very good band

5 is a band that we think are amazing

The first column is related to how much the SWB staff would like a band. The second column is how much a fan of that genre is likely to enjoy the band. The other column are comments about the bands to help you find out who you like. 

Starting Monday, we will have a ton of SXSW posts and pictures, so be sure to check back often.