Unpacking SXSW

Obviously, we at SWB think that music is important. To quote the always energetic music ambassador Andrew W.K. “Music is worth living for!  Music makes life worth living, music is worth living for!”

That being said, some things actually are more important than music. If home is where your heart is, then Austin is one of our homes away from home.  Quite literally, it is our musical home for about 2 weeks a year. On a serious note, we would like to say that our heartfelt thoughts and concerns go out to those people killed or injured and the families and friends touched by the recent bombings in Austin. 

We hope that the authorities are able to apprehend those responsible and prevent any further tragedies.  

Here at SWB, we will be unpacking our photos, videos, and experiences of the last week. There will be a ton of new content and images posted through the next 10-14 days, so please come back often. 

In the meantime.....