Saturday of SXSW in Words and Pictures

This is a summary of the last day of SXSW 2018. At this point in time you are nearing the end of the marathon that is SXSW. There have been times of sprinting, drinking, eating, but mostly music listening for 6 straight days. It starts to dawn on you that you will soon be re-entering a world where there is not dozens of music showcases to chose from at almost any moment of day or night. Back in the real world, music is not as important, people are not as courteous, and free alcohol and food are much harder to come by. 

We started our Saturday at the Convention Center's Flat Stock stage to see the golden voiced Italian,  Fabrizio Cammarata. Though seeing him in a small club would have been more appropriate to his voice and lyrics, the show was a great start to our day.  

Fabrizio Cammarata.JPG
Fabrizio Cammarata_1.JPG


We then headed to Cheer Up Charlies for the Brooklyn Vegan day party. 

Prior to SXSW G. Flip had only performed as a backing drummer for other artists. By the end of SXSW she had performed her first 8 shows as THE performer and was perhaps the most buzzed about new artist at SXSW. She sang, rapped, and drummed her way through a highly energetic set that raised our expectations for her bright future. 

G Flip.JPG

Outside, at the same party, Andrew WK brought the rock, the positivity, and the PARTY. Andrew WK is a part time motivational speaker, part time rock musician, and full time partier. There is no person that lives to party more than the incomparable Andrew WK. If you get a chance, see his live show. It will make you smile and dance and sing. 


Andrew WK.JPG


We headed down to the Showtime party and visited "The Alibi " where Kev and V from the show were pouring drinks. We got to see Tank and the Bangas and Shamir again. We also saw WAVVS perform. 

After dinner we headed back to the British Music Embassy one last time. This time it was to see IDER. Their tight harmonies and arrangements were mesmerizing. Their recorded music does not do justice to their live show. 

You can hear a great example of their harmonies in a video we posted on YouTube:




After IDER we headed to the Parish to end our night and our SXSW. There we saw Tiny Ruins, Xyloris White and Ezra Furman. 


Tiny Ruins.JPG


Ezra's performance was a great way to end SXSW. It was truly a highlight with some great music, singing, and introspection by Ezra. We came away impressed. 

Ezra Furman_1.JPG
Ezra Furman_2.JPG
Ezra Furman.JPG


We will continue to bring insights, discoveries, and images from SXSW in the coming weeks, but we will be transitioning to what we plan to be our routine postings with album reviews, music news, live show reviews, and lots of videos and music for you to check out.