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We are music lovers (with day jobs!) who spend way too much time researching the best new artists, listening to obscene amounts of music, and traveling all over the world to experience live music events. Until Stairwell Baby, we kept all of these discoveries and adventures to ourselves. Now, we post everything here for you, our reader, to enjoy right along with us. 

Our goal at Stairwell Baby is to make quality music more accessible to the general public. Often, life gets in the way and it is easy to become complacent in our music tastes. After all, it's not easy to wade through the massive amount of music that exists in cyberspace to find the good stuff. So let us do it for you. 

If you would like Stairwell Baby to review an album or write a feature story on a new artist, please contact us at jamie@stairwellbaby.com with details.

Please send us links or files of an albums you might want us to cover. We are about music discovery, and we only publish positive reviews. If the music is something not geared towards our website, or something we do not enjoy then we will just choose to not cover it. 

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