The Case Against Encores

As I type this, I imagine a cranky, white-haired Professor of Performing Arts sitting in a dark corner somewhere, cursing my (obviously) amateur perspective. I don't give a shit. I think encores are terrible, and LCD Soundsystem agrees with me. 

How many of us have been at a show after a hard day at work, standing in a crowd for 3 hours (so we could actually SEE the band), only to be disappointed when they half-ass it by playing songs that no one knows, or cares to hear, and ends the show by abruptly leaving the stage? The crowd is then momentarily confused....will the band come back? We look for signs that the show really IS over...people herd-walking in a seemingly random direction, lights coming on. Nothing. Ok so clearly, this is now a game. I clap, for an uncomfortably long time. I make strange sounds and stomp my feet with everyone else. Im officially done. I hate the whole charade. 

LCD Soundsystem is one of my all-time favorite live bands, and aside from the (mostly) upbeat dance music, its because they don't fuck around on stage. James Murphy even warns the crowd at predictable intervals...halfway through. Three songs till the end. One song till the end. They go HARD the entire time they're performing. They space out the hits, because there is no Grand Finale. The entire show is a Grand Finale...just as it should be.